Dr. Poon is widely regarded as one of the foremost non-invasive cardiologists in the country.

What exactly is non-invasive cardiology?
Non-invasive cardiology is the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease without having procedures that require invading your body. Typical diagnostic tools are echocardiogram, nuclear myocardial perfusion imaging, and cardiac CT and MR imaging technologies. Typical treatments involve medication and changes to your diet and exercise.

Are non-invasive diagnostic techniques as effective?
Yes. With the advent of cardiac CT and cardiac MR technologies, non-invasive techniques can diagnose cardiovascular disease sooner and more accurately, when early treatment with medicine and lifestyle modification are most effective.

How does non-invasive treatment work?
Non-invasive treatment typically involves changes to your diet and exercise, as well as prescribed medication. However, while non-invasive treatment is often very effective, some circumstances demand the use of invasive procedures. If Dr. Poon concludes that your condition requires an invasive procedure, he will refer you to the appropriate specialist.

What are Dr. Poon’s credentials in this area?
In addition to being a general cardiologist, Dr. Poon is also considered to be one of the experts in cardiac CT and cardiac MR. He has performed research and written about these breakthrough technologies. He has taught this technology to over 300 doctors throughout the world.
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