Our cardiac imaging course features lectures by Dr. Poon and other experts as well as hands-on training, faculty-guided reading of studies, scanning of patients, and self-study cases.

Typical Daily Schedule (actual times may vary):

9:00 am      Arrive, continental breakfast, self-study time, scanning patients
10:00 am    Self-study, scanning patients
11:00 am    Morning lecture series and reading of studies with Dr. Stecko
1:00 pm      Break for lunch
2:00 pm      Self-study, scanning patients
4:00 pm      Afternoon lecture series and reading of studies with Dr. Poon
6:00 pm      Dismissed
Lecture Topics (partial list):

  • Scanning pitfalls and artifacts
  • Step-by-step CCT scanning
  • CMS reimbursement and coding of studies
  • Appropriateness criteria for CCT
  • Implementing CCT into a community-based program
  • Multiple other topics
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